We are very sorry, but we are closed as of September 7th, 2013 - please read below:

Angelitas.net is a very old site, and the software that runs the member area is no longer compatible with modern servers. We do not have any money to upgrade this expensive software, so unfortunately, we must close the site.

***** PLEASE NOTE: If you paid to join recently, we have issued you with a refund from our billing processor. *****

If you have any questions, please get in contact with our administrator here at Lactation-Fantasy.com Support.

If you like Latinas, you must consider joining Lactation-Fantasy.com. Yes, it's got breast milk, and maybe you don't like that, but most videos start with a striptease, and feature breasts bouncing in slow motion from an amazing high speed video camera. They also feature "sex without sex", and "who is the best man" with two girls shaking each others boobs around just like you enjoy in hardcore sex, but WITHOUT the ugly, hairy guy!!! And of course, mini skirts, panties, stockings, secretaries, sheer bras... & TONS of cute LATINAS!!!

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